About Our Clothes & Policies 

Our Brand

ADRIENNE'S ALLEY provides women with clothing that speaks to fine craftsmanship and eye-catching styles adaptable to every-day casual and evening dress-up.

Fabrics, many of which are African-inspired (imported from Holland, Ghana, Senegal, etc.) are meticulously selected for a collection of prints and colors.  Most items are cotton, unless otherwise stated.  Our high-end line is designed and hand sewn in New York using classic lines yet chic and modern.  Prints are used strategically to enhance your body.

Adrienne's Alley makes varied and distinct styles for women that want to make a statement - bold or subtle.

If you receive a product and are not satisfied with the result, we ask you to return the item within seven days. The product should be returned in unworn, unused condition or the same packaging, and call us beforehand for a return authorization. When you purchase our products, you are responsible for return freight